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Extractions & Exposures


Often times during the course of orthodontic treatment, a tooth, usually an eyetooth, will need to be extracted (removed from the mouth) in order to achieve the desired results with orthodontic treatment.

Dr. Puckett works with many local orthodontic patients and their orthodontist to extract (remove) over-retained baby teeth, remove any supernumerary (extra) teeth, and removing any growths that are blocking eruption of a tooth.  Depending on the age of the patient, the desired goals and current exams, different options may be reviewed with the patient and the patient’s orthodontist.


During the course of orthodontic treatment, a tooth may not erupt or drop down in place from inside the gum.  Commonly, we treat issues relating to the eyetooth failing to erupt. The eyetooth or another tooth may fail to erupt for a variety of reasons including extreme crowding, too little space or over-retained baby teeth.  Since each mouth is unique, Dr. Puckett works with your referring orthodontist for to create a customized plan.

An orthodontic exposure simply explained means that Dr. Puckett will be exposing and lifting the gum up and attaching a bracket to the tooth.  The patient will visit both doctors during the exposure process to ensure proper exposure and alignment of the tooth.