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Why Are Dental Implants Important?

Dental Implants are an excellent method to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Losing a tooth or teeth creates a physical change in the smile and in the overall appearance of the face.  Depending on the location of the missing tooth or teeth, certain foods can’t be chewed well or even at all.  Not being able to chew not only means a change in diet, but also impacts nutrition. 

When a tooth or teeth are lost, the process of bone loss begins.  The missing teeth create a physical appearance change in the facial features and profile, often times, prematurely aging the patient.  This process can be reversed by replacing missing teeth with dental implants. 

Dental implants look and work like natural teeth- and they can last a lifetime.  The dental implant procedure performed by Dr. Puckett bonds with surrounding healthy bone.  This bond will work as a permanent support for crowns or dentures. 

This illustration shows the difference between a traditional bridge and crown on the left and an implant in the center.  The image on the right is another view on an implant.

Why Dental Implants Are Better

The traditional method of replacing a missing tooth didn’t solve the problem of bone loss at the site of the lost tooth.  The traditional crown and bridge also grinds down healthy teeth on either side of the loss.  The method also has a high failure rate because of the increased risk for cavities and tooth failure.

Implants are considered the best method for multiple tooth replacement since each implant is independent of the surrounding teeth.  The implants are lightweight, durable, biocompatible and made from titanium.  The implant tooth itself carries a lifetime warranty from BioHorizons.

Dr. Puckett restores beautiful smiles everyday-it’s time for you to smile again!

Implant Retained Dentures

Pre-Prosthetic Preparation refers to the process of preparing the mouth to receive a prosthesis, like dentures. Since the dentures site on the bone ridge, it is important that the bone ridges have the proper shape and size to ensure that the dentures fit comfortably.  Additional preparation may include extracting a tooth or teeth for a partial or full denture.  To prevent dentures from slipping, patients may select to use Implant Retained Dentures to secure the top or bottom denture plate.

Additional Pre-Prosthetic Procedures include:

  • Bone smoothing and reshaping
  • Removal of excess bone
  • Bone ridge reduction
  • Removal of excess gum tissue
  • Exposure of impacted teeth